Saturday, June 9, 2007

2nd term holiday

Woohoo~ It's finally holiday! Can get good rest and relax liao after a long school term. Tired with all the school stuffs. Very sasak! Will try to 'hapus' all my Maths homework during this two weeks of holiday. Really have to catch up.

Sorry! I was wrong about parents receiving MPR from mailbox as everyone has got it this morning. Two of my subject tutors have written comments for me. The other two left it blank. But it's okay as long as there is no bad comment or anything which gonna get me into trouble.

It was Millie's 16th birthday on the 6th. We bought her a muffin (from Makcik Bakery) and Mango Chilled Cheese Cake (from Fun Bread). Wanted to 'kek' her but then because of her hiao-ness, plan failed. Haiyoh. :( Sigh~ Actually, can't blame her loh. It was supposed to be a surprise for her but then she jadi suspicious and kepo loh. Never mind lah. Once a year nia.

p/s I wanna watch ALONE! :)